Blog Design

I offer complete blog design with a service that truly helps take the confusion and stress out of setting up a blog or redesigning your existing site.

Why work with me? I created the successful global blog Style Elixir, know all the ins and outs of the blog world and importantly, through my Masters degree and marketing work for leading companies, bring a highly strategic approach. My natural aesthetic is very clean, stylish and structured, focusing on creating a highly user-friendly and easy to navigate website.

Unlike other blog designers, I genuinely understand what it means to be a blogger, know first hand what it takes to be successful and the tools you need to grow a global digital community.

Blog Design services include everything you need:

  • Consultation via phone to get to know you and understand your vision and goals.
  • Set-up of your WordPress website
  • Creative design and installation
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Reader experience and functionality development
  • Tools to boost SEO and increase page views
  • Brand identity and integration, bring your brand to life!
  • Social media promotion and email subscription tools
  • Advertising sections built into optimal areas

What makes this blog design service different to others?

With a Masters degree in Marketing and Strategic Advertising, I have worked with clients worldwide for over 10 years. I invest the time to genuinely understand your creative vision and goals, this ensures the design is aligned to your personal requirements.

I’ve been blogging for over six years and heard from blog friends about the difficulty they had finding designers who actually understood the blog world and tools you need to succeed. I created SHE Society to help make the blog design process easy for you, so you can work with someone on your blog design who really just ‘gets it’.

A unique point of difference is that we will actually speak on the phone (I don’t know of any other logo designers who do this), but it really allows me to get to know you and thoroughly understand your vision and goals, enabling me to deliver a blog design you’re truly proud of.

During this call, it’s also a unique opportunity for us to discuss blogging, growing your blog, SEO, best practices, blog tips… any questions you have, I’m here to answer. I know what it’s like as a blogger and having someone who you can talk to that ‘gets it’ and you can bounce ideas around with is powerful. These calls frequently become like a mentoring session, so take advantage of this and ask me anything – we’ll strategize together!

I know technical details can be confusing, so I work with you every step of the way to organize everything we need and ensure it is all perfect. With a truly client-centric approach, I ensure you feel 100% happy, excited and proud of your new blog!

I work with people all around the world – so no matter where you are, we can work together! My clients have been located in Sweden, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.