Pro Blogger – 6 Week Course



This course delivers it all! From the essentials of set-up, creating a brand and how to earn real money, as well as content and SEO strategy, to discovering your authentic voice and overcoming fear to confidently put yourself out there.

Join me to turn your dreams into plans and make this your most dazzling and profitable blog year! It includes:

  •  Six week course material
  •  One 30-minute phone strategy session with Lauren
  •  Lifetime access to our interactive community forum

Week 1:  Blogging 101, the fundamental basics and foundation strategies for a successful site, including stats and analytics
Week 2:  Overcome fear to put yourself out there, find your authentic voice, create a community and build your following!
Week 3:  Tools of the trade (everything you need to run a professional blog), Photography 101, plus how to create collages and edit images without Photoshop!
Week 4:  Proven SEO, Social Media and Marketing Strategies – what to do, how to do it and when to do it
Week 5:  Monetizing Your Blog Through Multiple Revenue Streams and Working With Brands (includes multiple revenue generation strategies, creating advertising packages, building a media kit etc)
Week 6:  Time Management, Stay Inspired, Overcoming Burnout, Grow Your Business, Blog / Life Balance and Tips From The Top.
With access to our exclusive community forum, this is the perfect place to network, share advice, tips, ask questions, plus we organize collaborations and giveaways to grow your following! In the 30-minute one-on-one phone strategy session, you’ll have direct access to ask Lauren anything and everything in a supportive, positive and inspiring environment.
One of the hardest things about blogging can be feeling isolated from fellow bloggers who understand the world of blogging and actually know what you’re talking about! This is a brilliant opportunity to grow your network, develop partnerships and create authentic, supportive relationships – keys to your blogging success.

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