Although seemingly paradox, the truth is entrepreneurship, business ownership and blogging can be lonely. Often friends and family really don’t understand the challenges; it can be difficult to gain objective advice or a non-judgemental, open-minded approach.

Want help to achieve your goals? Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Need advice to get your venture off the ground? Seeking strategy and marketing expertise to grow your business? Longing for a plan to balance work and personal life? We’ll work together to make it happen!

Our one-on-one consulting sessions are completely tailored to you. We will discuss, strategically solve and work together to achieve success with whatever is on your mind and in your heart. Creating an authentic connection with a supportive fellow entrepreneur is inspiring, motivating and one of the most effective ways to fast-track achieving your goals.

I know what it’s like starting out, so these sessions have been priced to be accessible to everyone.

As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and business owner, Lauren understands the pressures and delicate balance of professional and personal challenges facing women.

She doesn’t believe in blindly chasing your goals no matter the cost. If you’re not careful, the price you pay can be enormous and without realizing, too many female entrepreneurs can lose the things that mean the most. Family, friendships, health and happiness are everything in life. Without these things, business success and a big bank account don’t mean much.

SHE Society was created to evoke Success, Heart and Empowerment for women. It’s about helping you realize your full potential to achieve professional success and personal empowerment, whilst being true to your most authentic self and what’s in your heart.

One-on-One Coaching

In our sessions you will gain clarity, focus, advice and a positive direction. How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. We’ll break things down, find the solutions you need and create realistic, achievable strategies. Oh and of course we’ll have an amazing time doing it!

Your consulting and mentorship program will be in a warm, respectful, down-to-earth, supportive and inspiring environment. Lauren invests the time to genuinely understand you as a person, your aspirations, dreams and goals.

This is a unique opportunity to turn your can’ts into can’s and dreams into plans.

Learn From Real Experience

Through one-one-one coaching sessions, Lauren is excited to work with you to share strategy, advice and insights so you can set goals and start achieving them, save time, avoid mistakes and can start achieving your dreams with a successful, profitable and inspired path.

Lauren is the Editor in Chief of Style Elixir and founder of SHE Society. She has built a successful and profitable global business, with multiple revenue streams.

From traveling the world (a digital business gives you freedom to work anywhere), to attending New York Fashion Week annually, working with some of the biggest global brands and being featured in leading fashion magazines (including an eight-page spread in the September issue). Lauren also gained an editorial contract with People Style magazine, a major United States magazine and division of media conglomerate Time Inc.

Lauren credits creative thinking, developing a strong business plan, digital marketing strategy, dedication, prioritization and working smart to make things happen. Through her journey, she overcame the common fear of putting yourself out there, tapped into her authentic self and learned positive internal dialogue to be confident and courageous.

Lauren’s professional background is in marketing with global fashion and retail brands, as well as a national television network. She holds a Masters degree in Marketing and Strategic Advertising, in addition to a Bachelor of Business.

Prior to her marketing career, Lauren was the Co-Director of Executive Recruitment firm, Slade Consulting Group. She has expertise in mentoring, career development and coaching a broad range of people, including CEO’s, senior executives, business owners, bloggers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Lauren was also on the committee for Fostering Executive Women, an organization and mentorship program matching high achieving young women with successful business leaders.